Sharing the Story

My dilemma – I want to hide out and paint. However, in order to share this work, my paintings, I must take action to reach people. In order to reach people, I must be willing to share the story. Yes, it is a visual medium so if someone gets to lay their eyes on it, it can be considered shared. Yet, there is another level of sharing that may allow viewers to connect more fully, on a deeper level.

Sharing the story is that connector. Where did these paintings come from, what is the purpose, or message to those that view them, or to those that collect them?

Writing about something that is a visual medium is dicey. I’m not a writer or wordsmith. However, words are part of this experience, this connection with my paintings. There is more to the story than what you see. This work has a purpose, and an energy about it that communicates, that connects with people. That serves people!

So my journey begins. I become a connector, a storyteller, while I continue to paint. Wish me luck.

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