An Intuitive Transformative Painting Session

An Intuitive Transformative Painting Session

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An Intuitive Transformative Painting Session by Wendy Painter is a simple process and the outcome dramatic. A painting is created specifically for you. You participate in the selection of colors, size, and materials using kinesiology, or muscle testing, which provides an affirmative or negative response to various options offered. The painting created by Wendy using your selections is a visual instrument that speaks to you using color, texture, shapes and energetic movement.

The connection occurs when you see and touch the painting for the first time. You recognize a “story” meant for you, one that speaks to you of living from your true essence, exploring what you are passionate about, connecting to a universe that supports you. The painting provides an opening to receive all that one needs, wants and desires to move forward with what matters most.

We all have things that hold us back, gifts and talents to share, and an authentic self that may or may not show up each day. It is there. Your painting can open a portal, a door, a window for you to see and feel the story you want to transform, and provide the movement to do so.

Please contact us for more information and how to schedule an appointment.  Appointments can be arranged in person at my studio located in North Carolina or by virtual appointments.