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I have explored what feeds my spirit and gives me great joy and satisfaction in my own life.  The use of the painting process helped me remove barriers and overcome fears, and create a new clarity and intention in my life and work.


They can transform your vision of yourself and guide you to discover what you want to do in this life, how you want to live. It’s a tool that will help shift you beyond where you are, allowing you to let go of what holds you back.


They prompt you to:
•clarify issues or concerns;
•clear barriers and fears; and
•open to authentic, heart-centered living.


The Collection includes images of five prints of the paintings currently in the Paintings that Heal the Spirit series. They include Clarity, Joy, Passion, Release and Love. Details of the Transformation Painting Process offered by Wendy are also included when you select the image in the Collection.

My paintings exhibit vibrant colors and textured layers created by various techniques. Each layer of paint is applied with purpose, building upon soft washes and energetic brush strokes, alternating with swipes of a palette knife’s flat edge. Heavy watercolor paper is my favorite painting surface; I use large square canvases and dramatically narrow, horizontal surfaces as well.

My desire is not only for these paintings to be appreciated for their vibrant colors and unique textures, but perhaps most of all, that they find their way to individuals who covet them as a tool into self inquiry.